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Over the course of National Poetry Month (April) you contributed 85 haikus to our haiku wall.
Haiku Wall

These poems ranged from the sublime to the profane and most were left anonymously. Below some examples:

Caught between worlds, know
Backwards is not the way back
Forwards is a dream -P.V.

My socks are purple
Your smile makes me smile all day
Do a dance for me

Hello there my friend
Would you like to stay for lunch
And I’ll eat your brains -Your Zombie Pal

Studies in basement
Facebook, Pandora and blogs
Not much work is done

So many choices
Enter life’s vending machine
Pick wisely and fall

Megaman’s a boss
He’s cooler than Mario
with his sweet lasers! -Saixx

I can picture him
Standing in a leaf outfit
Feeding you cheeses

Little worms outside
I don’t like stepping on you
Get back in the ground

Dude, where is my car?
I like sipping apple juice
dance with no pants on.

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