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Erica Herman, Nick Middlebrook and Marybeth McGreevy were awarded the College Library’s Above and Beyond Award for student employees. The students were nominated by library staff or supervisors and are considered exemplary workers. An exceptional student worker is one who:

• Takes appropriate initiative.
• Requires little or no supervision and is self-directed.
• Exhibits a broad spectrum of library knowledge.
• Demonstrates proficiency in library processes.
• Exhibits a high skill level beyond expectations for his or her position.
• Displays a willingness and ability to troubleshoot problems and presents innovative solutions to their supervisor.
• Demonstrates that they are a team player and works efficiently with other library employees.
• Takes on willingly extra duties, projects, and/or services.
• Contributes in a way that adds value to the library.

Congratulations to Erica, Nick and Marybeth!

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