Posted on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 at 8:16 pm under Uncategorized

A link for LinkSource will now appear for all citations that are not available in full-text in an EBSCO Database or the Discovery Service.

LinkSource will randomly take you to a database if we have access to it in full-text in multiple ones from the same vendor.  For example, if we have access to an article in full text in both Academic OneFile and Nursing & Allied Health from Gale you will randomly be taken to one of the two databases.

There is a known issue when trying to access full text in a Gale Database from LinkSource.  When selecting LinkSource the information that is being sent to Gale is not always indexed in a way that allows you to link to the full-text.  When arriving in a Gale database a message appears that states No results fond, even though that the full text is available.  This issue is with Gale.

EBSCO has been experiencing some connection issues the past few days that are causing delays in using LinkSource, A to Z, and sometimes the Discovery Service.  Sometimes one or all of the services have not been working. EBSCO is aware of these problems and are working on resolving them.  They are in the process of purchasing more servers and hopefully this will address some of the access issues that we have been experiencing.

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