Posted on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 at 5:49 pm under Uncategorized

There are numerous tickets in to CTS – First printer-mrt133-1(crbstd-3) is at CTS for repair. The Windows OS is not connecting to the printers even when the patrons reboot so if they ask for help please install the crbstdnt printer for them( go to the start menu- in the search box type in “\\lorax” then press enter. When the window with the printer list opens double click on crbstdnt. Once it installs-takes about 20 seconds-  close out the windows and it should appear as a printer option). The signs are back up asking students not to print double sided due to paper jams. Lastly if any patrons come in and ask if they can print off an entire textbook that their professor uploaded to Moodle- the answer for now is No.

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