Posted on Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 at 7:05 pm under Uncategorized

Items to take note of:
1) On the dual boot screen patrons select the OS they want by using the arrow keys to highlight it then pressing “enter” or the space bar
2) After the operating system loads on the Mac side they will be prompted to enter their password to connect the computer to their Helios account
3) When logging out on the Windows side there is a red icon right next to the start menu, it is a square with a circle and line thru it. They need to click this button which will very quickly restart the machine.
On the Mac OS they need to go to the apple icon as before but select “Restart” instead of “Log out”
4) each of the computers has a black cable coming from the back of the unit. This is a USB jack for patrons to plug in their USB drives. It is easier than trying to reach around to the back and should also help to cut down on the number of forgotten USB drives

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