O365 FAQs

[For instructions on specific topics, see our O365 Instructions Page.]

Q. Why is SUNY Potsdam switching to Office365?

A. Office 365 (O365) provides numerous advantages for our campus:

  • It is available for free to higher education institutions, saving the campus money on hardware and utility costs.
  • The comprehensive set of cloud-based tools and services facilitate collaboration, web-based access, and cloud storage that goes beyond what is currently available in SOGo / BearMail and other commercial solutions.
  •  The web-based tools tightly integrate with the Microsoft products already deployed on campus, providing a seamless user experience.
  • The service is fully compliant with the various federal, state, and SUNY security requirements.

Q. Will all of my mail be migrated to O365?

A. At the time of migration, all of your mail on our old server will be copied into the O365 environment.  If you have mail in “local” folders on your computer, CTS recommends moving that mail to a server-side folder before you are migrated to O365.  Please contact the Helpdesk if you need assistance with this.

Q. I’ve been migrated, but I’m not seeing any new mail in my Apple Mail or Thunderbird or on my phone/tablet?

A. Microsoft Outlook is the only CTS-supported means of accessing your mail in O365.  It is available as an app for computers (Mac and Windows) and for Android and iOS (Apple) devices.  Once migrated, all new mail will only be delivered to O365.

Q. I’ve been migrated, but I can’t login! Why?

A. You may have missed our announcement informing you that you had to update the password for your Campus Computer Account.  You should do so now.

Q. I already have an Office365/Microsoft Live/Outlook account and can’t login to my SUNY Potsdam Account.  What’s going on?

A. Try clearing your web browser’s cache and/or quitting and re-launching your web browser.

Q. I really like Apple Mail or Thunderbird.  Can’t I still use that?

A. All campus computers will be configured to use only Outlook. No support will be provided for legacy clients nor will client settings from Thunderbird or Apple Mail be preserved in situations that require a re-image of the computer or a new computer is installed. For personally owned devices, Outlook is a free application for download so that you will have the same experience at home as you do with your campus computer.

Q. Is there a quota on O365?

A. Yes.  Users are limited to 50 Gigabytes of stored e-mail and attachments.

Q. I can’t find Outlook on my college-issued computer.

A. CTS is in the process of upgrading all college-owned computers to Microsoft Office 2016, including Outlook.  We may not have gotten to you yet.  Please make your computer available to us when we call to schedule your upgrade.  In the meantime, you can access Outlook via the web portal.

Q. I installed Outlook on my phone/tablet and it doesn’t work/won’t authenticate me.  Why?

A1. You haven’t been migrated yet.  Please wait until you receive notification that you have been migrated to O365

A2.  You did not update your Campus Computer Account password when we asked you to in March of 2016.  You will need to do so before you can access O365.

Q.  Outlook on my phone/tablet authenticates me, but I don’t see any mail.  Why?

A.  The first time you connect it can take a few minutes for everything to synchronize with your device.  Be patient and check again in a few minutes.

Q. Will my calendars be migrated to O365?

A. Yes, your calendar entries from SOGo will be migrated into O365.

Q. I shared my calendar with a LOT of people in SOGo, and a lot of people shared their calendar with me.  Am I going to have to re-do all of that?

A. No!  Calendar permissions will be exported from SOGo and copied into O365.

Q. I’ve been migrated, but not all of the people I had shared my calendar with in SOGo are showing up as being able to see my calendar in Outlook.  Why?

A. Only people who have already been migrated to O365 can see your calendar there.  Once the other people who had permissions to your calendar in SOGo are also migrated to O365, they will be able to see your calendar.

Q. I have sensitive data in my mailbox. Will it be just as safe in Office 365?

A.  Yes. All communication with Office 365 servers is encrypted, and Microsoft is compliant with all world class industry standards including ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA BAA and FISMA, and this is verified by third party auditors. Also, SUNY mailbox content is always housed on servers in the United States.

Q. Which buildings/departments have been migrated to Office 365 so far?

A. As of 8/30/2016: All active employees should have been migrated to Office 365.  If you have not yet been migrated (or know someone who has not been) please report it to the CTS Helpdesk: helpdesk@potsdam.edu or 315-267-4444