O365 Instructions

Installing Outlook on iPhone/iPod/iPad

If, after entering your e-mail address, you are detected as having an account of type “IMAP” (which will be at the top of the following screen), tap on “Not IMAP?” in the top-right corner of your screen and select “Change Provider”.  On the following screen, select O365 as your provider.

Installing Outlook on Android – Select Exchange as your provider, if asked.

Accessing Shared Calendars

Accessing Shared Mailboxes

Office 365 brings a new feature to our campus: Shared Mailboxes.  Similar to sharing calendars, users can now also share mailboxes with each other.  Generic e-mail accounts on our old e-mail system have been converted to shared mailboxes in O365.  This means that you don’t have to login to two separate accounts in order to manage their mail.  You login with your personal CCA and are assigned privileges to any other accounts to which you need access.  Here are links to instructions for accessing Shared Mailboxes in Outlook:

Switching Between Apps (Web Client)

When you first connect to Outlook on the web you will see a page full of panes/buttons representing the various apps available to you on Office 365.  To quickly switch to a different app than the one you are currently using, click the “blocks” button at the top-left corner of the Outlook window:

Migrating Contacts from Thunderbird to Office 365

If you had custom contacts in Thunderbird, there was no way to automate their migration to Office 365.  Click the link above for instructions on how to do so yourself.

Creating Contact Lists (Web)

In Office 365, a “group” of people to whom you would like to send a message is called a “Contact List”.  Follow these instructions for creating one.

Migrating contacts from Bearmail

Share a Calendar