Posted on 2009-09-01 10:34:52 by physicalplant

We will be changing out the electrical panels in Carson, Morey and MacVicar for the next 2 – 3 weeks.  Expect power outages between 5pm and midnight.

Sept 1 panels – Morey Westgate area, Carson 3rd floor and MacVicar around room 104.

Posted on 2009-08-07 12:55:56 by physicalplant

Beginning Monday August 10th Canton Drive and Ogdensburg Drive will be closed. Canton Drive is the road that is entered off of Pierrepont Ave and heads towards Maxcy Hall, where this road takes a left hand turn it becomes Ogdensburg Drive and travels along athletic fields towards Crane.

Ogdensburg Drive will reopen prior to student move in on the 27th of August. Canton Drive will follow.

Posted on 2009-08-05 15:43:30 by physicalplant

The east side of Stowell Hall will remain without power until Thursday afternoon, August 6, 2009