The College Libraries have recently been asked to start posting ‘recommended reading’ on our website, as we have done in the past.

And so, the Potsdam Reads blog is born! We hope to post a few new books each month, with short recommendations from the faculty or staff member who suggested the book. Some of these books are available in the College Libraries, some can be found at the Potsdam Public Library, and sometimes you may find that a friend has a copy you can borrow… if the book is in a local library, we’ll try to let you know where you can find it.

We will also announce the Libraries’ upcoming Bregman Book Discussion titles, and the discussion group dates. Join us!

If any members of the campus community are interested in helping the librarians review books, please, contact Jenica Rogers-Urbanek at rogersjp@potsdam.edu, or call her at 267-3328. We’d like to expand our readership, and our reviewer-ship.

Any and all feedback is welcome, and we look forward to reading with you.