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Title: I Thought My Father Was God
Author: edited by Paul Auster
Genre: Non-fiction

Why I liked this book: Everyone has special stories — the ones they tell at parties, the ones they tell to make their friends laugh, the ones that they tell late at night over a bottle of wine. Stories about family, about life, about the little things that are too good to be true, or too horrible to be made up. I Thought My Father Was God is a collection of those true favorite stories of hundreds of Americans, gathered up through NPR’s National Story Project.

I’ve been listening to these stories using the audiobook, which is read by Auster himself. He has a lovely reading voice, and a strong sense of character, tone, and pacing, which makes it an easy book to listen to. But the content of some of the stories make it hard, as well. I’ve been moved to laugh out loud (on an airplane, prompting some funny looks…), smile in recognition, and suddenly begin crying, all from the stories in this collection. They showcase some of the best, the worst, the funniest, the most touching, and the most unbelievable of the things that happen to real people living real lives.

Read it. It’ll make you grin, it’ll make you grimace, and it’ll drag you in and not let go.

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