Posted on Wednesday, May 24th, 2006 at 11:26 am under Memoir/Journal, Nonfiction

Title:A Woman in Berlin

Why I liked this book: First published in 1954, this book has just been reissued, and is now finding a more appreciative audience. This book was just too vivid an account, too soon after the events, to be welcomed when it first appeared. Berlin during the first weeks of Russian occupation at the end of the war was a harrowing time – especially for the women. The keeper of this journal, an intelligent and perceptive woman, was convinced to publish (albeit anonymously) only after many years. What she had to do to survive, and to help other women do the same, is plainly told. No one is vilified. The journal ends as Berlin begins to claw its way out of chaos. In Crumb Library you will find the original edition of 1954. The author reportedly died in 2001.

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