Posted on 2010-09-08 02:49:59 by Martin Walker

The WikiChem blog is intended to be quite varied, and it will (I hope) appeal to a broad group of chemists.  It will cover chemistry and chemical education – news items and interesting new papers – as well as topics related to chemistry content on Wikipedia.  I’m an organic chemist and an educator, and these will naturally be my focus, but I plan to have others contribute here too.  Hopefully there will be an interesting variety of topics covered if the blog grows.  I will also be inviting one or two students (mainly undergraduates) to contribute content, so we can make this a good, lively blog.

The name comes from a private “incubator” wiki I maintain at  I also contribute to another blog, Wikipedia offline, which covers offline releases of Wikipedia.  Why choose thujopsene as the structure at the top?   I just like it, that’s all!

I hope you enjoy the new blog.